My psychotherapy practice is based largely on the psychological framework promoted by C.G. Jung. Depth psychology is a soul-based approach that helps people realize and become their fullest, actualized selves.

The Jungian approach utilizes dream analysis and trustworthy communication between client and therapist to open up pathways, free blocked energies and enable a person to grow and expand. Jung calls this the process of individuation.

I also specialize in Attachment Focused-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (AF-EMDR). This approach uses the proven modalities of EMDR and attachment theory. I was inspired to learn and practice AF-EMDR because of its proven effectiveness towards treating trauma, compulsions, obsessions, fears, neuroses, phobias and more.

There aren’t many therapists who practice both depth psychology and AF-EMDR. My approach is unique, as are the therapies I focus on. As a male therapist, I specialize in Men’s Issues Therapy, as well as in Personal Growth Counseling, Mid-Life and Senior Therapy and Trauma Therapy.

I am a contemplative individual who has spent a lot of time examining my own inner world, and so I am well-suited to help you discover yours. I aim to keep sessions low-pressure and provide a serene, warm environment.

I am approaching therapy in the second half of my life, bringing all of my years of experience to our sessions together. I am not interested in the status quo; I am open to your unique way of thinking and being.

I enjoy spending time with my partner, being in nature, playing with my band, fishing, meditating, riding my two motorcycles, studying, reading, and writing. I believe in constantly challenging oneself to learn, collaborate and create.

Schedule an Appointment

I am happy to conduct a low-pressure, 15-20 minute phone consultation. Please call 661.310.1525 to see if we’re a good fit and find out what counseling can do for you.

Ruben Gutierrez received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from California State University at Los Angeles and a Master of Arts in Architecture and Urban Planning from UCLA. He has been practicing psychotherapy for the last ten years and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He also completed basic training in Attachment Focused-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (AF-EMDR) through the Parnell Institute and is trained to work with both Big “T” and Small “T” traumas. Ruben completed many additional hours of training at the C.G. Jung Study Center in Los Angeles.